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We exist to replace your online form and automate your digital customer journey. Today's insurance customer wants a quick, easy and personal service. A chatbot can automate simple tasks like updating a policy or getting a quote. It'll take pressure off your customer service team and give them more time to handle complex enquiries.

    What people think we do

  • Provide a simple chatbot, which covers just the sales process

  • Use 'black box' artificial intelligence, with no shareable understanding of the way it works

  • Sell solutions without maintenance or ongoing support

    What we actually do

  • Provide chatbot technology, capable of automating every step of your digital customer journey

  • Use AI planning algorithms to segment your customers, using this and behavioural economics to personalise the conversation

  • Provide you with ongoing support and consulting on user experience and more

Chatbot technology

Customers can message your chatbot just like they would text a friend or family member. Applying this personal and intuitive approach builds trust and enhances customer loyalty.

Data analytics

Access all your customer insights and download them from the Data Analytics dashboard. Use the AI planning algorithms to segment your customers into different groups, and personalise conversations based on which questions are most effective.

Emotional intelligence

We work closely with you to design a chatbot that asks a series of simple questions. If they're easy to understand, they're much more likely to lead to conversion. If you need to use an industry-specific term, your customer can ask to learn more.

Data privacy

Protecting your customer's data is of paramount importance. To ensure bank-level security, analytics and scalability, we:

  • Use stateless architecture.
  • Move all sensitive data into a central vault protected by Oracle technology.
  • Ensure transparent data management
  • Provide a clearly defined ownership of customer data, in accordance to GDPR, compliance and data regulation laws.

Chat across all channels

Use SPIXII to interact with your customers across the below channels and more. We also create customisable i-frames for your company website, on both desktop and mobile.

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