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What we do

We work with insurance companies to design tech solutions around you. Our goal is to make insurance more accessible, first by rethinking the way insurers interact with their customers.

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What We Do

SPIXII works with insurers and banks to transform customer experience through an AI powered digital agent. Our mission? To make insurance quick, simple and accessible - putting the human back into the buying process.

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What's underneath

Actionable insights

Who are your customers? Where do they interact with you? Access unprecedented customer insight all in one place. Receive downloadable insights to help you make better sense of your customer data.

Emotional intelligence

The chatbot is designed using behavioural economics and AI planning. Combine emotional intelligence with algorithms, designed to personalise your customer experience.

Data privacy and compliance

Protecting your customer data is of paramount importance. All data is encrypted using Oracle technologies, data management is transparent and architecture is stateless, ensuring bank-level security.

What we believe

Insurance is there to protect us, so why don't we see insurance companies as the heroes? Online forms are often long and confusing. By replacing them with a chatbot, the process to getting protected is quick, simple and engaging.

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